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 George  V was the son of King Edward VII and was made the King of the United Kingdom and British Dominions  and Emperor of India  from 6th May 1910 to 20 January 1936 upon the passing away of his father. Indian coins were minted with his portrait/effigy from 1911 onwards till the time of his death. 
Coins in India were issued in the of denominations of  one rupee, half rupee , quarter rupee and two annas (all in silver), and 1/12 anna ,half  pice, quarter anna, one anna, two anna and four annas (all in copper) during his reign .

Pig Coins: 
In 1911, on quite a few denominations of coins issued the King was shown wearing a robe with a small elephant on it. Unfortunately, the  trunk of the elephant appeared to be like the snout of a pig and it’s legs were depicted as short and stout due to space constraints on the coin surface. The overall appearance was that of a pig which would have been  offensive to the sensibilities of some religions. These coins termed the “Pig coins” were withheld from circulation and reissued with a proper elephant design.

Coins were issued in the following denominations in silver and copper during his reign:

Silver coins –  Fifteen rupees, one rupee, half rupee, quarter rupee  and two annas.

Copper coins: Four annas, two annas, one anna, ¼ anna(one pice), half pice and 1/12 anna (one pie)

During the period of World War I (1914 to 1918) , for a short duration of time  due to the increase in silver prices,  the half rupee , quarter rupee and  two  annas were replaced by cupro-nickel coins ( eight annas, four annas  and two annas but these  proved to be quite unpopular, as such the silver coins production was started once again , notwithstanding the costs.

Now having read the details of George V's reign above, I am going to ask you a "trick" question. Look closely at the coin given above. It was issued in 1939 , i.e. the year in which one of the most intricate and beautiful rupee coins is said to have been minted. What is wrong with this coin?
Well, the answer is simple. Georve V died in January 1936, whereas this coin is dated 1939 and shows his effigy instead of George VI's portrait. Obviously, this is a counterfeit coin. 

I have shown here a one quarter anna coin from 1934, which is unfortunately the only genuine george V copper coin which I own

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